Pushing for sustainable mobility: Are electric vehicles the future of India?

India is charging towards achieving its goal of sustainable mobility. Amid a strong push from the government and new innovations from the private sector, the electric vehicle market in India is growing at its own pace. In this edition of Compass, we explore the current electric vehicle market, its opportunities, and challenges. India has been […]

EV startup BatX Energies: Unlocking the potential of battery recycling

Lithium-ion batteries form the core requirement for switching to electric mobility but excessive mining could soon deplete the limited reserve of Lithium. In this edition of Compass, we spoke to Gurugram-based BatX Energies who are solving this problem by recycling batteries to extract the core metals. Did you know that India reportedly generates over 50,000 […]

Crises and opportunities: Understanding early-stage startup funding in India

A lot has happened over the past few years and the game of crises and opportunity has been in play. In this edition of Compass, we took a step back to review how the last year has been for the Indian startup ecosystem and what 2023 looks like in our LetsVenture Early-Stage Funding Report 2022-23: Insights and Projection. 

The modern family: Emergence of a new breed of family offices betting big on startups

The newest entrant betting on the India story appears to be the good old family offices that have long trusted the public markets. With the undeniable growth opportunity in the private market, family offices are increasingly considering startup investments as an alternative asset class.  Long wedded to conventional asset classes like stocks, real estate, and […]

Angels in the gilded age: the rise of a new breed of startup investors

Mapping the private market investing behaviour and trends of a new breed of HNI investors in startups.   In-depth interview with 125 HNIs and UHNIs conducted by LetsVenture The growth of Indian tech services, tech startups, and product firms is creating a new breed of HNI investors With more than 72K DPIIT registered startups and over […]